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[OP] Impervium posted Oct 5, 14

Do you like to help other players?

Then we are looking for YOU. Send in a Helper application by clicking the link on top of the page.
We are now again a growing community with increasing playernumbers, and we take pride in our great community and players.

If you wish to play, join us on , we've also got a Teamspeak server, in which players, staff and others use continously. Step in for a talk anytime.
Happy Smashing!
-Impervium & The Staff @ SmasherCraft

ELIXXX I wish i could apply lol But im not up for that since staff cant raid. ...
hotlavaballs900 I can't wait to be able to apply
TheBananaLord_ Ik this is a necro, but not a bad one. My app is up and I want to be part of DA smashercraft staff team
We here at Smashercraft would just like to apologize to all players about today's downtime. We are having a security issue with one of our admins, and multiple others who were previously staff.
At this time, we are pulling a backup, but Mousey is currently on a plane so he can't do it right now. The server should be up sometime soon. Again, we apologize for the recent issues, and happy smashing!

-Darkknight597,  Amadayuzz and the Smashercraft team.
Andrewmcwattie What is your Minecraft Username? Andrewmcwattie How old are you? I am 13 born on the 26 of october 2000 How long have ...
[Mod+] iamthedamned IM WORRYING M8
drewwizzle_2214 Darkknight is my bitch
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