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As Requested by many of the players and staff, SmasherCraft has decided the best time for a map reset is now. We have built a whole new spawn, PvP Arena, Mob Arena, Market And last but not least, we have even added a HungerGames Map. All customly made to fit Smashers needs not only that but we also have a stats page for the HungerGames to show who's the best at PvP! If you would like to check out the stats page to see who is #1 click the link below:

The reason for the reset is due to the fact that 90% of the map has been griefed so it's time for a reset. Fresh map, fresh world, fresh Smasher.
We've also fixed a few things such as TnT, Mining Lasers and Booze Barrels.

Lastly, anyone who donated to the server within the last 12 days will have their rank re-applied meaning they will receive the money + items they would get upon purchase.

Happy Smashing Everyone!

pjpagan Joey, thanks for the reset at least, but I just logged in, type /kits veteran, and was already at the end-game point. Yo ...
Dimes Joey bae you need to edit the post the stats link doesn't work<333 love you boo<3
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The Results for the SmasherCraft video are in. After being carefully judged by Mousey a decision has been made.

1st Place - xXitoasterXx
2nd Place - DarkKnight597
3rd Place - Mintcraftian

Thank you all for participating they were all great and it was very hard to make a decision. But now for the winning video below:


RedDcdd i gave betbat 5 stacks of rm and he gave me 5 omegas and then i told him to charge them, and he was finished charge. And ...
RedDcdd I need to report on betbat
RedDcdd Is mousey online??
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